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    Things I think I know: Been following college football and recruiting for 50 years. PSU fan forever. Joe is the man when it comes to coaching college football. IMO he had the perfect balance about the game vs academics, student development, community responsibilities, personal responsibilties, etc.. How fortunate we' be been to have him as our source of pride for many years.

    That said, when I now look about the current college football landscape I try to apply those same values to what's out there now. Of course, I am biased to PSU, but I really don't see a coach that I would rather have running our program other than James Franklin.

    Unless you are all about wins and losses at any cost I am all in on James Franklin as the guy. I don't want a coach that doesn't know current events, societal trends, tech stuff, etc. Coach Franklin does. As such, I believe in the long run we win with Coach Franklin.

    Nick Saban... Great coach, wins games, maybe a great guy, but shallow and meh. Such is Alabama. Urban Meyer...great coach, wins games, maybe a great guy, a bit deeper than Nick but in the end meh. Not in Cosch Franklins league. In the long term. I believe Coach Franklin wins. Jumbo Fisher...trailer trash. Other than that, a good guy. Kirby Smart...jury still out. Dabo...might be the only long term threat to Coach Franklin. Bottom line for me is substance wins out. Kids and parents could see it and feel it. The future of PSU is bright with CJF at the helm. Just sayi

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