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Jul 1, 2014

Interview with state attorneys Frank Fina and Joe McGettigan, who prosecuted the child sexual abuse case against Jerry Sandusky. Asked whether Paterno was part of the "conspiracy to conceal," Fina said this."I do not. And -- and I -- I'm viewing this strictly on the evidence, not any kind of fealty to anybody. I did not find that evidence."

Penn State coach Paterno praised by Attorney General for acting appropriately in reporting Jerry Sandusky sex abuse suspicions

"There is no other way to say it: on the most critical aspects of the Sandusky investigation, the SIC report is a failure. It does a tremendous disservice to Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the victims of Jerry Sandusky." ~ Jim Clemente, former top FBI profiler

18 year PA Child Abuse Detective details Joes culpability. Joe should not have done more. (John the PA investigator)
A Strong Defense of Joe Paterno: Why Paterno Was Morally & Ethically Right Not To Go Further in The Sandusky Abuse Case

Sandusky Retirement Package- Sandusky asked for access to training and workout facilities. Paterno put a check mark next to that request. In a sidebar, Paterno asked if this was for Sandusky's personal use, or for Second Mile kids, and indicated that due to liability problems, facility access should not be extended to Second Mile kids. Paterno was overruled and Jerry Sandusky was granted access to bring Second Mile kids to workout facilities.
Joe Paterno and Spanier meeting in 2004

Joes the most powerful…then again..Spanier won another battle in the PSU Cold War between the Lasch Building and Old Main

Paterno was so powerful, he couldn't even get his own parking space. "if you retired you might get to park where you wanted to, too.",1433723/

Joe Paterno Quote: With the benefit of hindsight I wish I had done more. Hindsight: wisdom or knowledge got only after something (usually bad) has happened


"To be honest with you, I didn't," Paterno responded. "This isn't my field. I didn't know what to do. I had not seen anything. Jerry didn't work for my anymore. I didn't have anything to do with him. I tried to look through the Penn State guidelines to see what I was supposed to do. It said that I was supposed to call Tim [Curley]. So I did."

Joe Paterno Testimony Transcript 10 years after the incident and as an 84 year old man. " I'm not sure of the date…And as I said, I'm not sure what year it was… I'm not sure what the term would be ...Well, I don't know what you would call it...I'm not sure exactly what it was. I didn't push Mike to describe exactly what it was...I don't know whether I was specific or not....Well, I can't be precise…I don't know, I don't remember…"

Paterno Insists He Knew of No Prior Sandusky Allegation

"You realize that the people out there think you knew about this? They think you had to know because you know about everything." "That's their opinion!" Paterno shouted. "I'm not omniscient!"

In accordance with 055 Pa. Code § 3490.91. regarding the confidentiality of child abuse reports, the information regarding the nature of the 1998 child abuse investigation of Jerry Sandusky was not provided to Timothy Curley, Dr. Graham Spanier, or Joe Paterno.

There are more than 900 pages in Joe Paterno's FBI file, but not a single mention of Jerry Sandusky.

Joe Paterno FBI File


Summation Says he witnesses anal sex, and "told them what he saw" Pages 7 & 8. These are not his words. There are no quotes, notice, only quotes around Curley and Shultz.
Perjury Hearing:
MMs words are he heard slapping sounds. He saw the positioning, beleived it was molestation. did nothing but look and leave (just summarizing, don't need the lock slam stern look stuff). Page 13. Said he told coach is was sexual, but no sex, anal, sodomy. To Joe, didn't describe detail in positioning, MAYBE a ROUGH description of positioning (his words). Says sexual, but used no sexual words and maybe rough positioning Pages 24-25.Told Curley and Shultz the same thing, also not using any of the words that would have defined what he told them. 34-35.According to MM, Curley calls and tells MM they called the 2nd mile, took JSs keys.Page 37. MM states he never saw JS on PSU property with Kids, ever again. Page 39. Also, read in depth page 69, how the court stops Curley's lawyer from asking when MM told Dr. Dranov. Read page 75. MM says he uses fondling in describing to Joe, but then says he never saw anything like fondling, it wasn't possible.
Primer #2 Finding the truth and ensuring the protection of children

I want to share with you what I have been involved doing. I pointed Curley & Schultz Investigators to statements from McQueary on the (name-redacted) message board chat. Mike told several members of the chat what he witnessed was only horseplay.

This excellent PDF chart done by Eileen Morgan does a good job highlighting all of the differences in MM's story from each time he told it.

For context and perspective, How Child Molesters get away with it.
Of all those involved in the investigation, only one person-the psychologist Alycia Chambers-recognized Sandusky's actions for what they were. Here was someone with the full authority and expertise of psychological training, who identified a prominent man with virtually unlimited access to vulnerable children as a "likely pedophile." But what more could she do? She had told the police. Patient confidentiality constrained her from going to the media, and her responsibility to her client made her wary of turning him into a public victim. Then, there was the fact that two other trained professionals had seen the same evidence she had, and reached the opposite conclusion. She was in the grip of the same uncertainty that afflicts even the best people when confronted with a child molester. She thought Sandusky was suspicious. No one agreed with her. Maybe she decided that she could be wrong.

"The people who knew Sandusky, saw him with children, saw him playing and touching and even showering with them, and never suspected he was what he was." Raykovitz, a trained psychologist himself, raised and dismissed the concern that Sandusky might be a child molester. "Are you trying to tell me that you think Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile?" Raykovitz asked Curley. Because, if that's what he was trying to tell him, Raykovitz suggested, Tim Curley had lost his mind.

The Mind of a Pedophile - Getting it Right

"It is very often the case that they are trusted," Judge Cleland said. "It is hard for the average citizen to understand why pedophiles are not found and caught. The very nature is to ingratiate with parents and children. Establish trust, commit and then conceal crimes. "Those who have never encountered a pedophile can hardly begin to understand the anguish of knowing that you've been deceived."

Society has very properly stigmatized child molesting as too dreadful to contemplate. When we catch people doing it, we systematically and thoroughly ruin their life forever, starting with jail terms, and ending with sex offender registries, unemployment, and residential restrictions that sometimes systematically and thoroughly ruined the lives of the Amiraults forever, based on clearly confabulated stories from children who were inadvertently coached by irresponsible therapists to accuse the Amiraults of, as the Board of Parole put it in a skeptical review of the case, "extraordinary if not bizarre allegations." I don't really see any way around this. Some crimes should be viewed as so morally horrific that they cut one off from decent society. But society also needs to be careful about who it cuts off. It is very terrible to let a child molester keep working on new victims. But it is also very terrible to destroy the life of an innocent adult--to brand him with a label that will probably keep him from ever associating with decent people again.

You Reconstruct Your Memories Point #6 Other events that occur after the original event can change the memory of the original event.

PSU Police Force is real Police The Penn State police force comprises 46 armed officers. According to state law, these have both the power and the duty "to prevent crime, investigate criminal acts … and carry the offender before the proper alderman, justice of the peace, magistrate or bail commissioner."

Gary Schultz, SVP for Finance and Business in 2001, was the recognized Police Commissioner

Mike McQueary also testified he thought he went straight to the top of the ranks of Penn State police when he reported it to Schultz, then a senior administrator whose duties included overseeing the university police force.

Graham Spanier Speaks. "Honest to goodness, I had no recollection of 1998, didn't in 2001, have no recollection now, what I'm telling you I'm only for the sake of not wanting people to think that I'm hiding something."

"At no time during my presidency did anyone ever report to me that Jerry Sandusky was observed abusing a child or youth or engaged in s asexual act with a child or youth"
"The case against Spanier is at best problematic, at worst fatally flawed."

Analyzing Penn State

Dr. Dranov Testimony--- Dr. Dranov said. "I asked him what he meant, and he said, 'Sexual sounds, you know what those are.' He couldn't go on, and seemed to get more upset. He said he looked toward the shower, and a young boy looked around; he made eye contact with the boy. I asked if the boy seemed frightened, and he said no. And then an arm reached out and pulled the boy back."

John McQueary Testimony--- John McQueary's answer: "He would have had to tell me he saw someone injured, crying, screaming ...

John McQueary testimony is in SANDUSKY, GERALD 061312 JT

Gary Schultz testimony--- "I don't recall (Mcqueary) telling us what he saw specifically, I believe he said he saw something he felt was inappropriate."


Tim Curley testimony--- Curley: McQueary told me they were "horsing around," did not say they were having anal intercourse

Curley: McQueary did not indicate there was something of a sexual nature taking place.

Click Curley/Schultz Public Access then click search

Access to Freehs emails

Mike McQueary testimony

Sandusky Trial Transcripts

Did Mike McQueary Perjure Himself?


Who was considered mandatory reporter

"A mandatory report, and accompanying liability protections, was triggered in Pennsylvania only if a child disclosed abuse to a mandatory reporter in the capacity of his or her job."

Sandusky's Unidentified Shower Victim: Not Unidentified, Initially Denied Shower Abuse

And so inconsistencies and questions about this man who says he is Victim 2 could be the reasonable doubt that the defense hones in on to help prove their point.

Without completely confusing you with what Ganim wrote, here is the bottom line of the information in her "analysis": We now know for 100% certainty that Mike McQueary's shower story is NOT backed up by a credible victim.

The Lasch locker Room

Letter to the editor | Credibility check

Mike McQueary's Story Is Not to be Believed

Mike McQueary - Reality Challenged?

Who gave Sandusky Emeritus Status

Credibility of Freeh Report (April 9 2014) Page 37

MBNA bank while Freeh was co-chair and general counsel was major corporate sponsor of Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile.


Critique of Freeh Report by Wick Sollars

Each Key Finding by Freeh is a Misleading Deception K.I.S.S

Case against Joe Paterno not all cracked up to be

Two Penn State trustees offer their reaction to Graham Spanier's attorneys' comments about Freeh Report

"I have said that the conclusions reached by Louis Freeh are based on facts not in evidence so I don't agree with his conclusions. Today we heard from Judge Lewis and Spanier's counsel that apparently they don't agree with the conclusions either."



Ben Novak: The Freeh Report was not an investigation at all. It was a prosecutor's brief. It was not fair and the Board of Trustees shouldn't have accepted it. The Board should have turned around and sued Freeh for not doing what he was hired to do. Freeh failed to evaluate all sides. Freeh went into his investigation having decided what happened, and cherry picked the facts. It's an utter farce.

PS4RS releases legal document for key failures of Freeh Report

ANALYSIS: Freeh 1998 Key Findings - No Legal or Evidentiary Basis

Each 'Key Finding" of the Freeh Report is A Misleading Deception

Edward T. Monks attorney in Eugene Oregon where he has practiced law for over 25 years. Analysis Reveals Freeh Report Wrongfully Condemns Paterno. "It appears that other than Sandusky, no individual in this process was actively malevolent toward any child"

Freeh report a 'blundering and indefensible indictment'

Spaniers Attorney's Documents refuting Freeh Report

Holly Swanson: The Problem with Paterno-Blame Joe Paterno is not the bad guy. What I read in that report was a far cry from what was outlined in the summary and reported in the media early that morning.

Freeh Report Errata Sheet


Credibility of Freeh

Penn State Investigator Louis Freeh Accused Of Heading A Massive Cover-Up As Director Of FBI

http://nicholasstixuncensored....ard-jewell.html ... 00587.html

Bob Costas adjusting his thinking on the Freeh Report

Joe Paterno never tampered in Justice System

Triponey, the woman who laid down for Freeh

Study Counters Triponeys Claims

Vicky Triponey credibility


The Surma Vendetta. The person who did these things and assumed full control of the Board of Trustees is was not Steve Garban - the board chairman. It was John P. Surma, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees and CEO of US Steel.

The Surma Vendetta Part 2

Near the back of a conference room littered with coffee cups and plates of half-eaten fudge brownies and chocolate-chip cookies, a 79-year-old trustee and philanthropist named Mimi Coppersmith stood up and beseeched her colleagues to reconsider what they were poised to do. "Coach Paterno is revered here in State College," she said. "We're not going to drink the Kool-Aid," snapped John P. Surma, then the board's vice chairman and the chief executive officer of United States Steel Corp. "This is what we need to do."

Joe Paterno termination Letter

Paterno Family Files Appeal Against NCAA

Paterno Family Letters

Gary Gray Letter: My Last visit with Coach Paterno

Dr. Dranov described to me the 2001 meeting he had at the McQueary home with Mike and Mike's father John McQueary on the night of the shower incident, just after it occurred.

Joes Speech to board in 1983

PSU Football #1 in academic Bowl

1998 Police Report

Schultzs file from 98

Alycia Chambers Notes

Ray Gricar

Former police chief Thomas Harmon

Wendall Courtney

Jack Raykovicz role with 2ndMile


2nd Mile role

Attorney General Handbook for Charitable NonProfitable Organizations

Cynthia Baldwin

Sandusky Reports

The Framing of Joe Paterno: Taking Apart the Media Coverage

"We didn't formally accept the report," a trustee says grimly, "but everyone thinks we did, and that's all that matters."

Joel Meyers PSU BOT Speaks out against sanctions

Appeal by BOT Ryan McCombie for Due Process

Primer #1 The Consent Decree

Past Faculty Senate Chair Speaks out regarding Sanctions and Freeh Report

Due Process and the Road not Traveled


Emmert Reveals He's Absolutely Clueless, National Media Yawns

Reflections of a Former Trustee: How the Penn State Board of Trustees Really Works

Penn State board's handling of NCAA sanctions could be subject of attorney general review


The Lettermen a Rush to Judgment

Kevin Slaten

http://player.streamtheworld.c...callsign=KFNSAM (Ray Blehar) (Anthony Lubrano PSU Trustee ) (Ray Blehar PSU Grad with accusations of altered emails by Freeh ) (John the PA investigator ) (John Ziegler from (Barb Kelly, PSU Grad and Writer for KC Star ) (Sara Lampe, Missouri state representative, ) (Agent and former college and pro football player Ralph Cindrich ) (Pittsburgh radio 93.7 Vinnie Richichi ) (PSU trustee Anthony Lubrano ) (Former NCAA investigator Chuck Smrt ) (Yael Abouhalkah of the KC Star, attempting to defend Sara Lampe )

Facts Most People Still Don't "Get" About the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Video Spoof of supposed PSU Cover-up

John Ziegler poll on media

How the Media's Intimidation & Circular Logic Created a "Perfect Storm" Against the Truth

Joe Paterno never covered up any instance of "child rape," and if you still think that's true you either cannot read or choose not to.

"When you have that big of fall, people at first might go along with it, but after a while, you start wondering. 'Why did you tell me for fifty years he was this incredible man, and now all of a sudden you're telling me he was a horrible man. Why? What happened here?'

"Some statements that were made alluding to the 'culture' of Penn State are really inappropriate don't let facts get in the way of a good story," Rose said. "Penn State is an outstanding university that has been in the forefront of integrating athletics with academics for years. That includes football, where the graduation rate has been exceptional. "That's the culture of Penn State."

"Many have already repeated ad nauseam that Paterno's involvement in the Sandusky scandal has forever tarnished his legacy. Countless kneejerk numbskulls and pathetic corporate puppets have already accepted this falsehood. But for those who see the injustice done to Joe Paterno for what it is, he will always be remembered as the most successful coach in college football history, and a man who conducted himself with honor, integrity and class to the very end. Rest in peace, Joe Paterno. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG"


"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world -- "No, YOU move."

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