Young Indiana police officer shot and killed by felon with an extensive rap sheet.

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Sep 6, 2001
Just another sad and frustrating example of criminal justice failure.

Who thinks that the judge who last had a chance to lock up the scumbag for good, feels any remorse? I don't. The SVF noted in his list of crimes is Serious Violent Felony. Not sure if that includes use of a gun in a crime. Three certain other charges of using a gun in a crime and he is put out on the street again to commit murder. The justice system is not at all serious about reducing gun violence . Nothing other than that judgement is logical. Instead, the solution as the left sees it is to restrict the ownership of firearms and plain outright confiscate the guns of law abiding citizens.

The suspect is Carl Roy Web Boards II, 42. Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Madison County, Andrew Hanna, says that Boards II will be charged with murder and both the firearm enhancement and the habitual offender enhancement. Prosecutors will considering filing for death penalty once evidence is reviewed. (Little bit too late to fry this son of a bitch).

No reason for shooting the cop. He was pulled over, he exited the car and started shooting at the officer. Who will riot for the dead LEO.

Boards’ previous offenses, as given by prosecutors, is as follows:

9-2-2015 Possession of a cellular phone (6 months jail)

9-6-2007 Criminal Recklessness (7 years)

9-6-2007 SVF (18 years) (release date 8-16-2019)

9-6-2007 Resisting law enforcement (3 years)

9-6-2007 Possession of a controlled substance (3 years)

9-6-2007 Firearm w/I 1 mile school property w/o license (8 years)

6-20-2006 Driving while suspended. Class A infraction.

4-27-2006 Poss. Of Firearm by Serious Violent Felon- Habitual Offender

05-04-2005 Indirect Contempt

01-09-2001 Speed

8-8-2001 SVF (10 years)

8-8-2001 Dealing in Cocaine or a Narcotic Drug, B felony

8-15-2001 Theft, receiving stolen property, Grant County

10-14-1999 Battery w/ deadly weapon C felony (2 years)


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