The Pandemic is Over!


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Aug 21, 2001
Why? Because Biden said so. Does this mean all of the unspent pandemic money will be allocated back toward other, more meaningful, initiatives?

BTW, I watched a few minutes of the Pelly interview of Biden last night. Biden is a loon. His answer about inflation was laughable if it wasn't sad and alarming. So it is great news that inflation is pegged at 8.2% now. And, much of that is due to oil prices coming down because of releases from the national reserve (which are now the lowest since 1984).

Pelly was simply trying to walk him through want people are experiencing, as nicely as he could (to take care of a Dem politician). But there is no silver lining on most of the real questions regarding the southern border, foreign policy, and the economy. To suggest the the dem-complliant media is giving him a bad rap is lunacy.
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Aug 14, 2021
Masking, social distancing, all the other Covid rules need to remain in effect until there are no more Covid cases.

Remember, this disease can mutate at any time.

The next mutation might be more severe, endangering millions upon millions.

I think that November 10th, 2024 is perhaps a safe time to reduce the masking and other mandates.