School shootings show our leaders, not Americans, are the moral failures


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Aug 20, 2003
After reading that, it kind of reminds of Barney Frank who was so blatantly wrong that millions of Americans ended up bankrupt, and the phucker gets a promotion out of the deal. How do these clowns live with themselves?

And here @NJPSU believes the federal government is virtuous...... lol...

But I don’t mean to just pick on cops. A year ago, the US embassy in Kabul was flying a Pride flag. A few months later, there was no US embassy in Kabul, as the United States made a humiliating withdrawal, a military defeat of cosmic proportions.

Just this week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she had been “wrong” on the threat posed by inflation. Last year she had said, “I think there’s a small risk, and I think it’s manageable.”

One of her top jobs is to control inflation. Everyone with a brain saw it coming in the wake of the Biden administration’s reckless spending. But she didn’t, or pretended that she didn’t, and now Americans are paying top prices for gas, groceries and all the necessities of life. Yellen hasn’t stepped down. She hasn’t even really apologized.