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Feb 6, 2014

West Terrace Tunnel Terrorist Who Dropped Loaded Revolver While Fighting With Cops Has Been Arrested

After reading this Statement of Facts I have to wonder how his interrogators managed to maintain their composure…

MAZZA was asked to describe how his firearm was stolen and he replied “uhhh… do you want the official version?” and “I had it on me and I had stopped the crowd ok, they were trying to get in. I don’t even know what entrance that is…”

I certainly can’t… This guy’s hilarious!


Mark Andrew Mazza is facing federal charges of illegal possession of a firearm on Capitol grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon after police recovered his gun from Capitol grounds and video footage showed him swinging a baton at police, according to the FBI.
A Capitol Police sergeant recovered the gun while fending off people trying to break through the West Front Terrace that day. The officer in court records said the gun fell from the waistband of a man who pushed him backwards while trying to force his way into the building.

The Taurus revolver contained two hollow-point rounds and three shotgun shells – which are typically intended to be used against “multiple targets” at the same time, investigators said in court documents.

Mazza has an explanation for everything...

MAZZA stated that he reported the gun stolen because in case something happened and if Antifa found it, someone might get killed and my name is all over it.

They make absolutely no sense, but he doesn’t let that stop him...

Raw Story

Alleged MAGA rioter Mark Andrew Mazza's gun reportedly was recovered from the Capitol lawn, and video footage showed him swinging a baton at police during the riot. Two days later, Mazza filed a false police report alleging that he had lost the gun at an Ohio casino, according to the Indy Star.
Mazza 56, made his first appearance in court Thursday after being arrested at his home in Shelbyville on Wednesday. He is being held without bond.

"The video shows Mazza holding the doors open in an apparent effort to allow rioters to go into the building," the station reports. "Mazza reportedly held a baton and pushed the group toward officers, who were defending the area, and assaulted them. According to court documents, Mazza swung the baton at police and yelled, "This is our f*ckin' house! We own this house!'"

Speaking of sense, does anyone get the sense Mark’s not being completely honest?

MAZZA further stated that he got to the “hallway”, which was where everyone was getting pepper sprayed. MAZZA stated “I go in the hallway because this is bullshit, what are we trying to do?” and “me and my buddy said what are they doing here… we knew it was Antifa because we are law abiding citizens. we don’t do that… we don’t loot.”

I mean, he can’t really believe his own bullshit can he?

Law & Crime

The gun was tested for fingerprints and DNA, the documents state. It was also not registered in Washington, D.C., the documents allege, and Mazza was listed as the original purchaser of the weapon based on its serial number.
Mazza reported the gun “stolen” to the Shelbyville, Indiana Police Department on Jan. 8, the documents indicate. He claimed he was in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Jan. 5, 2021, and that the gun was stolen from his rental car from near the Hard Rock Casino sometime between 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 5 and midnight on Jan. 6. Mazza claimed he did not want to report the gun missing to casino police, so he claimed he drove home on Jan. 6 and went to sleep because he was tired.
However, the cell phone Mazza used to call in the alleged-to-be fictitious story placed Mazza near the U.S. Capitol around the time CW-1 was attacked, federal investigators said. Phone records placed him on a path of travel between Ohio and Washington, D.C., they further claimed.

I wonder how he’s going to talk his way out of this...

MAZZA further stated “I did falsify a report” and “It’s missing, not stolen.” MAZZA was asked “When you were at D.C. did you at any time assault any police officers?” MAZZA replied “No.”

I guess no one ever told him investigators never ask questions they don’t already know the answer to...

Department of Justice

Mark Andrew Mazza, 56, of Shelbyville, is charged with illegal possession of a firearm on Capitol grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon, among other charges. He was arrested on Nov. 17, 2021, at his home in Shelbyville and made his initial court appearance yesterday in the Southern District of Indiana. Mazza was ordered held without bond pending his next court proceeding.
According to court documents, Mazza brought a Taurus revolver, loaded with three shotgun shells and two hollow point bullets, to the Capitol. The gun was recovered in the West Front Terrace area shortly after 2:30 p.m. Video footage later shows Mazza in the crowd entering the tunnel to the Lower West Terrace doors at approximately 3:08 p.m. Once the glass doors to the Capitol were breached, Mazza held the doors open in an apparent effort to allow rioters to flow into the building. Holding a baton, he assisted the group in pushing toward officers who were defending the area and joined in assaulting them. He actively swung the baton at police, at one point yelling, “This is our f---- house! We own this house!” He then participated in “heave-ho” efforts to apply significant physical force and pressure on the officers. On Jan. 8, 2021, according to the documents, Mazza filed a false police report in Indiana in which he claimed to have lost his gun in an Ohio casino.

Here’s the Criminal Complaint and again the Statement of Facts.


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Feb 6, 2014

Ten Thousan Marbles

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Feb 6, 2014
Ted Cruz Gets Fact-Checked While Advancing Trump's 'Big Lie' on Face the Nation
News Corpse

Some Republican Trump-fluffers seem to be impervious to shame. They persist in making preposterous statements that contrast profoundly with reality, even after their lies have been thoroughly debunked. And no one has a greater ability to cast off being publicly disgraced than Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz, after all, is best known for abandoning his freezing constituents in Texas to take a vacation in sunny Cancun. More recently he was shot down in a blistering Twitter war with his congressional colleagues.

Undeterred, Cruz was interviewed Sunday on CBS's Face the Nation by Margaret Brennan (video below). When the subject of Donald Trump inciting the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. came up, Cruz sought to take a superficially rational stand against violence.
"If you're right-wing, left-wing, or have no ideology at all," Cruz began, "If you commit an act of violence, if you assault a police officer, if you're violent against anyone, you should be prosecuted and go to jail."

True to form, Cruz is merely mouthing what he believes is a politically correct stance against violence. And his talking points were utterly disingenuous and marred by insinuating that the violence on that day could have been committed by either right or left wingers. The truth is that, while the halls of congress were still stained with blood, Cruz made a plea to sweep the sedition under the rug and hold nobody accountable saying "We must come together and put this anger and division behind us."

That is not exactly an appeal for justice to be served to the insurrectionists who stormed Congress and threatened its members, as well as injuring more than 140 police officers. But Cruz was just getting started. He followed up his anti-violence lecture with yet another endorsement of Trump's "Big Lie" that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged." Which led to the following exchange with Brennan.

Cruz: We right now have a substantial chunk of our country that has real doubts about the integrity of the election. And if we had had a credible electoral commission do an emergency audit, it would have enhanced faith in democracy. But instead Democrats and a lot of the press decided to just engage in incendiary rhetoric rather than acknowledge voter fraud is real, it is a problem, and the allegations of voter fraud needed to be examined on the merits.
Senator there is no evidence of fraud that would have drawn the outcome of the election into doubt. You know that.

What Cruz purposefully fails to mention is that the "substantial chunk" of Trump chumps who have delusional "doubts about the integrity of the election," was created by liars like Cruz himself, with an assist from Fox News. But Cruz went on to pat himself on the back for lobbying for a bipartisan electoral commission to study the wholly fictitious allegations of voter fraud. Maybe he would also like to form a commission to study the flatness of the Earth, because a substantial chunk of Americans believe in that too.

Cruz's suggestion that an audit would have calmed everyone's post-election jitters was already proven to be bogus. When the Arizona fraudit by the rabidly partisan Cyber Ninjas was released showing that Biden did indeed win the election, Trump had a hissy fit and his cult followers pretended it didn't exist.

It was Trump who continued to spew the "incendiary rhetoric" that led to the January 6th insurrection. And contrary to his sudden interest in peace and bipartisan commissions, Cruz voted against the one that was proposed to study the Capitol Hill riots. So much for his claim that anyone who committed violence be prosecuted and jailed. That was just another falsehood on behalf of his Dear Leader.


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Feb 6, 2014
Are We Fighting Ghosts? 92 Percent Of Pro-Rittenhouse Hashtags Nov. 19-20 Disabled Geolocation
Rule of Claw

I know there are rabid idgits in our midst, and that these are Americans. I grew up with them. I watched them go from pro union blue collar Democrats to viciously bigoted right wing lunatics with a penchant for threatening violence. People I once canvassed with in the 1990’s elections are now someone I would call a mortal enemy. They are not all Russians. But what is going on now has me thinking we are digitally fighting ghosts, with no efforts to safeguard the intrusions.

From Frank Figluizzi’s Twitter feed:

I have never disabled Geolocation on my tweets, quite frankly, because this is actually the first time I have thought about the concept. I may have heard about it in passing, but I never went to the trouble of caring. I was more concerned with eating my Cocoa Krispies while they were still crackling. Which is to say, I have nothing to prove, or deny, about my tweet intentions one way or the other. I suspect most actual human who own accounts feel the same.

Mr. Figliuzzi is a former Assistant Director of the FBI, and currently, an NBC National Security Contributor who is highly respected in the industry. So I thought perhaps we could extrapolate a bit as to what this means.

From a financial standpoint, I am curious as to how many fake accounts Twitter has on its platform, as it is a publicly traded company, a company based on human interaction, not bot wars. This is mainly because Twitter’s primary source of income is advertising.

Specifically, promoted tweets. Of course, a legitimate marketer does not want to promote to a bot, because a bot does not buy. So this got me to thinking about Twitter engagement rates, which I researched.
  • An engagement rate between 0% and 0.02% is considered to be low. An influencer with a low engagement rate on Twitter could expect between 0 -0.2 reactions for every 1000 followers.
  • Engagement rates between 0.02% and 0.09% are considered to be good. An influencer with a good engagement rate on Twitter could expect between 0.2 - 0.9 reactions for every 1000 followers.
  • An engagement rate between 0.09% and 0.33% is considered to be high, where an influencer would expect 0.9 - 3.3 reactions for every 1000 followers onTwitter.
  • Finally, an engagement rate between 0.33% and 1% is considered to be very high, with expected reactions to be between 3.3 - 10 for every 1000 Twitter followers.
So a popular account will have less than one percent of all followers actually make a response to a Tweet. Less than one percent. Now while this is a completely different industry, but still advertising related, let’s look at another company called Valpak, which distributes coupons. You likely know what this is. A thick envelope full of things you don’t need but ocassionally, has within it a great coupon for a restaurant, in my case usually Mexican food. This is the response rate Valpak says we should expect from its mailings.

Your message and brand are more likely to be remembered by consumers who are introduced to your business when they receive your promotion in their mailboxes. It Gets Response. With a response rate of 3.7%, direct mail gets a higher response than email, paid search, online display and social media. It's Precise.

Now while these are coupons for businesses, and frequently things people want to buy, Twitter costs nothing to like, or retweet, or reply to. But a business that mails coupons to actual humans instead of tweeting to “members” gets between a 400-1200 percent higher rate of return. That seems, off. Not on Valpak’s part, but Twitter’s.

And while I know these are apples and oranges, I also know that Valpak has measured human interactions, because bots don’t eat Mexican food.

But the bigger concern of course, is politics. Who is keeping Twitter in business and why?

So what I would like to do is an examination of where their sponsored tweet income is coming from. I would like to know just how much of their income comes from foreign sources, particulary Eastern European, Russian, and Chinese. And interestingly, as of 2018,
Vox reports this-

The Pew Research Center studied over a million English-language tweets posted over a 47-day period in 2017 to determine the nature of Twitter’s link-sharing infrastructure — and to glean more information about the behavior and scope of bots on the platform.
The study analyzed 1.2 million tweeted links, which were all generated by just 140,545 Twitter accounts. Of those tweets, 66 percent were generated by bots. The most frequently linked subjects: (adult entertainment) and sports. Ninety percent of all links to adult content and 76 percent of all links to sports-related content were generated by fake humans.

Now this is not to express a desire to ban people from across ponds from financially participating in Twitter. Not at all. But we need to get to the bottom of what the agendas are of those that are funding it. If someone is just trying to promote their cat videos or exercise equipment have at it.

But if you are trying to create a civil war in the west. Congress, you there?

So is Twitter just a glossy bot farm? That’s it? I have spent hundreds of hours over the years arguing not with my neighbor but a Russian pretending to be thousands of people just trying to pay his rent? It is possible. And when I look at another social media site, Facebook, I see my feed is a ghost town. Hardly any of my friends post anything anymore. And when I do look at links, from say, a local news site, many of the pro right-wing astroturf type of posts have broken syntax, a telltale sign someone not from the U.S. is posting it.

So what do we do? Well, what I would do is leave. Leave Facebook. Leave Twitter. Leave them to the dustbin of history. If it is true that over two-thirds of the arguments I have had have been with robots, then I have accomplished next to nothing being there.

In fact I have been fighting digital ghosts from a Potemkin Village of sorts, if these stats are true.

Are we perhaps not so divided after all? Is the source of our anger and rancor mostly phony?

Yes there are idiots in public, we see them clearly with their words and actions, but are they perhaps not engaging in the digital war at the levels we think? Is it possible that the bad actors from overseas have convinced us to fight a digital war when the only one they were fighting was political?

And what does all of this mean for future discourse in this country, if the 91.6 percent of the Twitter support for Kyle Rittenhouse was fabricated?

His actions were real. The deaths he caused were real. His acquittals were real.

But was his desire to engage, to become violent, to shoot those three men, all fueled by something fake?

And if so, isn’t it high time we pay attention to that man behind these digital curtains?

Because we can’t heel click our way out of this.

The political tornado that has us on the brink of mass civil unrest is real too.

Even if the technological Oz that created it is phony.

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Feb 6, 2014
Donald Trump's latest toxic grudge is even dumber than usual
Aldous J Pennyfarthing

The most egregious story I’ve ever heard about Donald Trump—and, granted, there’s an embarrassment of riches to choose from—is the one about his stripping health coverage away from his gravely ill infant nephew … out of spite.

This story was fairly widely reported before the 2016 election, which seriously makes me wonder what people imagined about Hillary Clinton that could have possibly been worse than that. Did one of the emails on her private server include a chocolate chip cookie recipe with raisins in it or something? Because I really don’t get it.
But I’m not here to relitigate the 2016 election. I’ve tried to keep those awful memories at bay with the judicious apportionment of legal Oregon products and the strategic deployment of a series of increasingly septic roofing nails in my now-beleaguered Betty Crocker meatloaf of an occipital lobe. It’s worked okay, in case you’re wondering.

And yet, periodically, I’m reminded that we (and by “we” I mean a bunch of other assholes) elected this guy—a man whose pettiness is clearly boundless.

The latest evidence? Trump is apparently attempting to end the political career of a Southern governor who isn’t even responsible for the thing he blames her for. And the thing he blames her for is so picayune and silly, I’m embarrassed to inhabit the same multiverse as this prick.

According to a Nov. 20 Wall Street Journal story, Trump is considering endorsing Lynda Blanchard, the former ambassador to Slovenia, in a primary challenge against current GOP Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey because … well, I’ll let the Journal excerpt speak for itself.

The Wall Street Journal story is behind a paywall, and since I’d rather work as a glory hole attendant at a leper colony than give Rupert Murdoch more money, I’ll let Business Insider pick up the thread:

[T]he event was scrapped after local officials were concerned that the gathering would be too political in nature since it would be held at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

"After the request was made, there was contact with the Republican Party ... and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening," wrote Bill Tunnell, the park commission chairman, in a letter outlining the decision at the time.

Trump eventually held a rally in Cullman, Ala., in August, but he is reportedly still upset with Ivey over the decision made by the USS Alabama Battleship Commission.

The other angle here is that Trump favors ardent arse-licker Mo Brooks for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated in 2023 by Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, and Blanchard is looking to run as well. So this move would appear to clear the way for two more beholden, pro-Trump lickspittles at the levers of government. Which is really the last ****ing thing we need right now.

Will Republicans find their spine in time to keep the GOP from turning into a murderous goat-sacrificing cult? Or is it already too late?

Stay tuned. If you have the stomach for it.


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Sep 1, 2008
You see the losers protesting the Rittenhouse verdict?? Guess those libtards don't believe in the jury system. What a pathetic bunch, right Marbles??
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Sep 5, 2019
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