Democrats are ignorant....


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Aug 20, 2003
Democrats... gubmint spending for equity, equality and social justice.... LMFAO....

Trump showed them how to grow the economy, and the lunatics pretend it didn't happen.... LMFAO....

Democrats' out-of-control spending is the wrong way to grow the economy​

Our nation’s economy is spiraling into a worsening crisis, yet my colleagues on the left and the Biden administration seem to be ignoring the many signs that we are headed in the wrong direction. My constituents are paying more today than they were a year ago for basic goods, like milk, gas and bread. In fact, the national average price for a gallon of gas recently reached $3.22, more than one dollar higher than it was a year ago, and the highest price since October of 2014. According to Moody’s, the current inflation rate has forced American households earning the U.S. median income of approximately $70,000 to spend another $175 a month on food, fuel, and housing. Many of my constituents are already struggling to rebound and cannot afford these increases.

It has been noted that core inflation is at a 30-year high. Inflation is an invisible tax on all Americans, and it especially hurts seniors living on a fixed income. Alarmingly, inflation has gone up every month since President Biden has been in office due to out-of-control government spending, which is a catalyst for fueling inflation. Small business owners, who are the backbone of our economy, are having a very difficult time recovering from the pandemic. They are facing labor and material shortages, as well as, supply chain disruptions that impact distribution. And, they are also dealing with the same inflationary pressures that all Americans are experiencing. In a recent survey of small business owners in my district, 88 percent of respondents said that inflation has negatively impacted their business, forcing many to raise prices. Last month’s lackluster Jobs Report also fell far below expectations, offering another warning that this administration’s approach is not delivering the type of results Americans need. Bidenomics just isn’t working.

Some of my colleagues appear to believe more spending is the answer, as evidenced by the $4.3 trillion spending plan coupled with a $1.5 trillion “Infrastructure package”— both of which are filled with pork spending. For example, the spending bill contains: $2 billion for job training in climate careers, $7.5 billion to create a Civilian Climate Corps to promote the Green New Deal, $4 million to develop environmental justice initiatives, $150 million for species protection, $6.8 billion in housing grants available to felons convicted of domestic violence or hate crimes, $100 billion for 10 million illegal immigrants, and $200 million for a park in San Francisco.