Colorado Mom Eviscerates School for Trying to Secretly Groom Her Daughter


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Aug 20, 2003
LOL.. I love it when lefties try to say shit like this "ISN'T HAPPENING".... Then they get busted time and time again and all they can do is shrug their shoulders.

In this particular case, they lied and said it was "art club" when it was nothing of the sort....

I'm not a big fan of the word "grooming" because it's more like an indoctrination. Tuck and tape...... a national priority..... lmfao.. We don't need any engineers to figure out how to make a solar panel 90% efficient instead of 18% today....... We'll let the Chinese do that for us...... lmfao...

In the latest episode of “Progressives Are Full of Bovine Excrement,” a Colorado mom made headlines when she called out her 12-year-old daughter’s school for trying to push transgender identity on her child without her knowledge. Erin Lee says her child was “invited to an art club at school, only later to find it was a Gender and Sexualities Alliance about queer and transgender identity.”

“When we picked her up from that program after school, we could see on her face that something was incredibly wrong,” she told New American magazine, Fox News Digital reported.

“It wasn’t art club, it was GSA, or Gender and Sexuality [Alliance] is what they’re calling it now,” she added.
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