You’ll hate this: “Penn State research impacts the world”


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May 6, 2015
See the link below. From the article:

“UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Providing multiple examples of what differentiates Penn State from peer institutions and how access to world-class researchers impacts the lives of Penn State students, Lora Weiss, senior vice president for Research, presented an overview of the University’s research enterprise today (Feb. 18) during the Board of Trustees meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs, Research, and Student Life.

Weiss also highlighted innovative Penn State research discoveries in the Commonwealth, the nation and the world.

The senior vice president began by reporting a significant milestone attained during fiscal year 2019-20, as Penn State research expenditures surpassed $1 billion. This achievement places Penn State among a select group of research universities and reflects the breadth and depth of its research expertise, she said. Expenditures increased by $40 million, with a record $633 million in federal funding and $375 million from a combination of private funders, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and University sources.

In addition, Weiss noted, in the most recent (FY2018) National Science Foundation Higher Education Research & Development rankings, Penn State is listed among the top 10 institutions in 18 different research fields, ranging from materials science to anthropology.

“These measures are a testament to the incredible expertise, creativity, and dedication of our faculty, staff and students,” she said. “They reflect the extraordinary innovations within our research portfolio, the talent of our researchers, and the continued confidence of our sponsors.””

Hopefully you are as convinced of Weiss’s got-thisness and quality leadering as I am.

I hate us.


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May 29, 2001
Did Dr. Weiss happen to mention that PSU's ranking of total funded research by university continues to slip? No, I didn't think so.