Would this be crazy???


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Aug 18, 2006
Frederick, MD
Though Kerk had a pretty clear path to a 2/3 seed at Nationals with a win over Cass last night, but the loss isn't the end of the world and could work out better. First, the difference between 2nd and 3rd at NCAAs is only 2 points (I'm going to go on record and say those 2 points are not going to be needed!!!!), stick one guy and you make up that difference. Second, it is never a given that a guy achieves his seed. Sometimes an upset or two creates chaos. Finally, why couldn't seeding go like this (I am assuming some outcomes here):

1 Steveson 13-0 BT champ
2 Schultz 19-0 Pac12 champ
3 Hendrikson 23-0 Big12 champ
4 Cass 16-3 BT #2
5 Wood 22-2 EIWA champ
6 Kerk 17-2 BT #3
7 Parris 15-4 BT #4

I know people badmouth Hendrikson but I always pay attention to young guys with high bonus rates. I think he has pinned 16 of 23 opponents this year. NCAA seeding isn't all analytical, the seeding committee members are human and there is politics involved. There aren't too many out of conference head-to-head results. I can easily see three undefeated conference champs going 1 to 3 because Cass has that bad loss. The guys you would put him in front of do not have that bad loss. Flip Kerk and Parris if Parris wins tonight. Parris could move up to #5 in this scenario which would be terrible for Cass. Kerk could easily march to the finals in this bracket. Future is very bright for Kerk regardless of tonight and seeding, young man has ALOT of upside.

PSU Mike

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Jul 29, 2001
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Wood? Nobody can take that remotely seriously. It’s a shame for Hendrickson, but he’s gonna see Kerk in the quarters if all stay healthy. I’d rather it be Schultz.


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Sep 8, 2001
Would love this to happen

wonder where Berge seeds

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