Why wouldn’t you choose to wrestle at PSU


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Aug 2, 2013
Johnstown Pa
what his name?.... I helped out at DeepRun and ran the youth club in a league that some of the mechanicsville kids wrestled in awhile back. Regardless, Cosby is class 5 I believe... we'll see where he goes in the pre-season tourneys. I know the kid from DeepRun, Jerry Simon, who won states at 120 is supposed to jump into the big tourneys next year.
Caden Plummer. His older brother Garrett wrestled as well when he was younger.

Raw Daddy

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Nov 16, 2014
The numbers are ridiculous at this point.
Semi Finals percentage at 90%
Consecutive finals victories over 10

So you chose not to wrestle at PSU because:

Crazy NIL deal
Family connections at a school that run deep
You’re an aspiring sumo wrestler
The podium is good enough…

Add your thoughts as needed please
Your dad wears a Team Amine hat to your matches