Why we lost the Afghanistan War and while we'll probably lose the next one. (link)


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May 29, 2001
Preoccupation with racism. If not for Woke Culture and CRT the topic of racism would be dead and buried. China is going to kick our @ss if we don't nip this BS in the bud. It must be done, even if it means firing Lloyd Austin, Gen. Milley and a host of other high-ranking officers.

The Air Force is now conducting another survey to include Hispanics and other minorities. But the hard data from the first survey is now a matter of record.
"…young Black enlisted members are almost twice as likely as White enlisted members to be involuntarily discharged based on misconduct."

Black airmen of all ranks are "…57% more likely…to face courts martial."
As a senior sergeant, Morgan had been seeing numbers like that for years.

Senior Master Sergeant Sapphira Morgan: I felt sick the first time I saw how many Black airmen had article 15s or discharges in comparison to White airmen. Across the Air Force. And the thing that I think hurt the most was that no one wanted to have the conversation.

Last summer that conversation began at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas with a program called "Real Talk," hosted by Lieutenant General Brad Webb. Lieutenant General Brad Webb on "Real Talk": Obviously, the Air Force has fundamentally had a wake-up call. In which Black airmen like Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland got a chance to speak truth to air force power. Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland on "Real Talk": This is brave for us to address these things. David Martin: You said to-- General Webb, "This is brave." What did you mean? Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland: It takes courage to talk about racism, you know, in America period, but really in the Air Force where it's-- White male dominated. He told Webb, Black airmen have to abide by unwritten rules which don't apply to their White counterparts. David Martin: What are some of the unwritten rules? Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland: Like, change your posture when you walk into the room. David Martin: Change your posture? Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland: Yeah, so, I'm 5'11, right, 220 pounds. A Black big guy is scary and threatening. So you strip those things away from you to make people feel comfortable with you. David Martin: What are some of the other things you have to strip? Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland: Voice, right. Voice, you don't wanna be loud. David Martin: Any other unwritten rules? Chief Master Sergeant Michael Holland: Yeah, you gotta be better.

Some comments if I may.

Sounds like someone didn't have the proper upbringing so when he got into the military he experienced culture shock. And now the military is obliged to accommodate him.

That "change in posture" is called military bearing. Try screaming and acting a fool in most corporate board rooms and you'll be ostracized, if not fired.

Thinking back to when Affirmative Action was in its infancy we were told our workforce must mirror our customers. Fair enough. So we adopted race-based quotas in promotion and retention decisions. Sad to say it adversely impacted corporate performance. I would also point out our prison population is majority black. So the Air Force's Article 15 rate reflects society. That's a "good" thing, yes? :rolleyes:

And Chief Master Sergeant, we all experienced feelings of "you gotta be better." That's what merit-based competition does.

Notice how they must 'rope' Browns into the conversation. Why. Because it isolates Whites and further establishes the confirmation bias. But where pray tell are the Yellows in this discussion?? Or is it they don't want to play along because they accept the process as is, fair and balanced. Because that's the feeling I'm getting here.

Look, it's all too easy to fall into a rut of self loathing and pity. Using race as a crutch only exacerbates the situation. Lastly and speaking in the vernacular so that all races can understand. "Do you feel me? How am I gonna feel you if you can't feel me." For real. Because that's what this is all about. Raw emotions void of any logic whatsoever.

I thank you and let's keep it real.