Why in the hell...


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Jan 23, 2006
We never get better. We get a couple of 3 star recruits every year but we never get better. We play a few cupcakes in the preseason and get a few wins but when the season starts, we never get better. We get a couple of upsets during the season but we never get better. I watch the games, hear the obnoxious never ending chants from the few hundred fans in attendance, understanding there's no one there and say to myself, it will never end. On the rare occasion when we we get a player, he leaves after year 3 and we are right back to the start. We have no coach. We have no plan. We have a great wrestling team. We have a great volleyball team. We have a competitive football team. We have no basketball team.Our dreamer fans will say, give him a chance. Sorry, schools whose home state we can't even identify are in the NCAA tournament and we can't crack the NIT, It's insulting to PSU.and our devoted fans. My disgust with the program is overwhelming. I watch a lot of college bball and I am always hearing that this coach and or player raises the game of his teammates. That never happens at PSU. I am 76 years old and have seen it all. We stink! Year after year, we stink. It never changes. Dump Chambers and hire a coach with a plan.