Why I left the left


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Aug 20, 2003
It's not too late Norman....


The egalitarian, pro-worker left is gone and it’s not coming back

I have been dedicated to the left since I was a teenager. As a young woman, I identified as a Marxist, viewing even socialists as ‘not left enough’. I voted for Canada’s left-wing party, the New Democratic Party, in every provincial and federal election from the time I was 18 until a few years ago. I viewed anyone who voted for our centrist party – the Liberal Party, now led by Justin Trudeau – as right-wing. I was not just left, but left of the left, and proud of it.

Many on the American right lazily refer to the ‘woke’ – that is, the kinds of people who label the United States a ‘white supremacist’ country, who believe respecting preferred pronouns is an important political position, and who insist that those who voted for Trump are dangerous ‘fascists’ – as ‘communists’ and ‘Marxists’. But even five years ago I would have insisted the woke were not the ‘real left’. The real left, I believed, was more interested in material concerns, like raising taxes on the rich, a higher minimum wage, universal daycare and publicly funded healthcare.


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May 29, 2001
Good read. We need a vax for the disease that is spreading across Western society like wildfire known as liberalism.