Where the hell is Fetterman?


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Nov 2, 2014
Well, well, well. Appears that Fetterman rolled out from under his rock. He did a video call with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in which he admitted he still has issues from his stroke. Said he has some speech issues and occasionally doesn’t hear a couple words. Claims he is otherwise fine and will be on the campaign trail....”shortly”.

First, knew this was something pretty serious for him to be hiding for so long. The guy is a hard core politician and loves attention. For him to go full dark says a lot. And if he is still having speech problems after more than two months....it’s not going away soon.

The deadline for him to withdraw and be replaced is Aug 15, just over three weeks. If I were a 🤡 operative I would be very concerned and insist he either go out and campaign vigorously for several days in a row or drop out.
I disagree. Biden hid his entire campaign. All they need is a few small appearances between now and election day. As long as the guy is vertical he has a chance.
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Jul 1, 2004
Dr Oz is way behind. His record is killing him. He has flip flopped more than a young gymnast.
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