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Richard Schnyderite

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Mar 21, 2016
South Amboy, NJ
What’s going on guys?

I’m starting this new thread so you guys can voice your opinion. Obviously we post a ton of stories each week on all sorts of topics about the team, recruiting and more.

However we want to hear from you and hear story ideas you have or what you want to read more of. So post any new story ideas you guys have below 👇 and we will try our best to put together stories on the topics!


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Aug 21, 2001
So far, so good Richard. My recommendations:

  • People used to post a "weekend jukebox" and that would be a cool thread to start every Friday noonish
  • Lots of political posts....I get them being in the COVID thread but should be deleted everyplace else
  • I think your content is good....lots more PSU football and basketball then before that is company sponsors as opposed to being from posters. Maybe expand on my PSU sports like Soccer, woman Basketball, V-Ball, fencing, gymnastics, etc.
  • Basically, keep posters engaged. I think people just stop by and check out the site to see what is new. More new stuff the more engaged they are.