TX Repubs are batshit crazy


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Jun 8, 2001
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OK then. The Founders specify nowhere that only certain types of "arms" are for the people, correct? So are you ready for automatic weapons and other similar, lethal arms for citizens? Or are you accepting of current regulations and restrictions despite there being no constitutional backing for them? Nowhere did the Founders specify an age for owning or possessing arms. In colonial times teenagers were known to be in "well regulated militias". Shall we void any age restrictions because the constitution does not speak to age limitations? .
Educate yourself. Automatic weapons and other destructive devices like bazookas and RPGs are legal to own. They are regulated and priced beyond the means of the average American, but perfectly legal.

Also your example moves me in the opposite direction..... just because gun owners rights have been restricted in certain ways doesn't give you carte blanch to keep on doing it.

Eliminating my right to an automatic firearm in no way means you should be able to eliminate my right to a semi-automatic one. I've compromised plenty.....crossing the semi auto line honestly renders 2A moot.


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May 29, 2008
Did the Courts reject those challenges from state legislators and the Kraken? Did the US Supreme Court refuse to hear such challenges? Game over.
You didn't answer the question but I'll answer yours. The courts rejected challenges for lack of standing (ie Texas can't sue Pennsylvania). They didn't find these actions to be lawful.

Your response seems to suggest that it's OK to break the law if you can get away with it.