Trump is not the owner of any Presidential Documents

bourbon n blues

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Nov 20, 2019
We don't know for sure but it's highly likely that the ultimate purpose of this raid has nothing to do with custody of documents. It's more likely an attempt to find documents that would show Trump and other key republicans in a poor light before the midterm elections.
Which makes it worse than watergate . Or as bad as the bogus fisa warrants .
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Jul 1, 2004
It depends on if they're documents or gifts. It depends if those gifts are foreign or domestic. The President can buy foreign gifts. Most of these items go into presidential libraries.
There were discussions and agreements that the docs in question were to be sent back to the Archives. Everyone knows Trumper doesn't go along with subpoenas, so the only course of action was the Search Warrant.


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Oct 1, 2019
Because the docs were returned willingly to the Archives.
Former Presidents have 'Presidential Libraries' which ed up housing some docs. But those docs are still the property of the US Gov and none re classified. Mr MAGA has ignored all reasonable requests to have the docs in his custody transferred to the rightful owner - US Gov (Archives).
After Negotiations and supeonas not FBI Raids. So one more time WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD?
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