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Jul 3, 2003
South Jersey
Just wanted to warn everyone about a scammer out there. I got an email from brianstevens88@yahoo.com saying he had 6 Syracuse tickets and asking me if I was interested. Just like the other posted described he didn't use any capital letters in his email.

First thing he asked both by email and over the phone was if I was a ticket broker. He went on to tell me that his father was a huge PSU fan who recently died of cancer. Said the tickets had been in the family for 30 years and were very "emotional" for him. I first started thinking it was strange when he called from an unknown number and refused to leave a message on my VM or give me a number to call him back. Told me he was an architect building Marriott hotels and he was on a remote phone and couldn't be reached.

Anyway, he told me that he would send the tickets FedEx COD. I would get the tickets, Yellow parking pass and copy of a letter from the university saying they were his tickets as well as a copy of his driver's license. If I didn't like what I saw I pay nothing and send them back and if there was a problem i should pay with my debit card so I can dispute the charges. Seemed to make sense at the time. But then he started pushing me to go to Western Union. I asked why and he was responding to all my questions with "don't worry I'm gonna walk you through everything" so I started asking more quesitons. Asked him where his parking spot was, who his favorite players on the team were, etc. He had no clue about PSU football and didn't seem to know where his parking spot was that he had spent 30 great years with his dad making memories but was brave and didn't give up. He even called me back tonight.

I was lucky and didn't lose any money. I hope we can get this information out to as many people as possible to prevent this clown from ripping off anyone else. Sounds like the same guy got Howie and Pelly and I'm sure many others. He might have gotten me if the Shop-Rite had had a Western Union in it. I'm sure he is all over many other rivals websites so if any of you BWI guys can get the word out to the other sites please do.

PS--I'm still going to the Syracuse game and still looking for tickets :)
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Jun 3, 2001
Someone tried to scam me as well. Sharon Chung. Tried to make me pay through an eBay gift card but when I asked seAt numbers I caught her as she said 3,4,5 when seat numbers together are either odd or even. I called Ebay with the fake invoice I received and reported her .