Football Third Quarter Dooms Penn State in Outback Bowl loss to Arkansas

PSU Soupy

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Aug 3, 2008
What doomed PSU was the ARK coaches got their heads out of their butts at halftime and stop challenging the one area on the field where PSU is close to the level of an elite team.....the secondary and ARK just lined up and played Illinois ball on PSU giving up first down after first down where we could do nothing to stop them.

We need some big bodies up front that can play the run and we need a tackling machine at the Mike.....our Dline played their hearts out....but their 265 lb. heart did not match up to the Arkansas 330 lb. hearts.

PSU needs Mustipher or one of the freshman to be a least a body in the middle that can eat blocks because Arkansas was blocking us up the middle one v one and scraping the seems that we are so scared of the big play that we do not bring our Safeties up run some run blitzes to get Ark into throwing downs......force their QB to have their WRs beat our strength the CBs and Jayir....