Things that I will miss: re BWI McAndrew Board


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May 29, 2001
The move to BWI (and thus Rivals) was a good one for the board, though folks seem to forget that before the move (which was announced about a month before it occurred) there were a number of posters that complained about leaving the Plotit board, and balked at moving over to BWI's site. Eventually, most of them did make the move.
If nothing else, this community is top of its class when it comes to complaining.


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Jul 19, 2001
1) Fire Franklin comments in every game day thread when we do not pick up a 3rd and 5.
2) Fire Franklin comments when our defense gives up 6 yards on a 3rd and 5.
3) weekend jukebox - learned about a lot of artists that i was unfamiliar with.
4) Midnighters Polls.
5) The pictures of the upcoming hot women athletes in the Olympics
6) The WE are Better Posts
7) Where to eat, where to stay anywhere in the US and almost anywhere in the world.
8) I liked the AKB questions about: plumbing, interest rates, auto issues and which router to buy
9) I liked when cool fans from other teams add to the board....I like when douchey fans from other teams get roasted on this board
10) I love getting any inside info on which guard is looking good......which linebacker is showing up strong.....and who is the star in the weight room.

Mostly I will miss the funny put downs, Bob's be right backs, Ro's hot Pittsburgh takes and Lion Jim's smart Math discussions which I do not understsand. I like how people have gotten so comfortable on the board that they will talk about family members or themselves being sick. I did so myself when I talked about my wife's continuing cancer battle.

This is about the only social media that I do....I publish once a month or so a picture of my family in a interesting place or a fish that I have caught on Instagram.

Thank you everyone for the info....the laughs....the music and the continuation of a belief that i have that as a whole PSU fans are generally really good people.

Doubt that I will pay for the new board....will look for a new community of PSU fans......if I can't find, then maybe I will pay. Have been here since the Plotit days....and for the full run of the McAndrew BWI Board.....thanks to you all.

PSU Soupy.
Clearly I missed some news by only visiting occasionally. I’ll look for the thread that led to this but if anyone can fill me in…


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Jan 4, 2010
I remember real time updates from the Boston Marathon bomber and the case to capture them. Someone on here was giving us stuff in real time.
That was one of the best threads. Multiple people posting what was being reported and some locals in the Boston area joining in as well. Everything was in real time and centralized on 1 site from multiple sources across the country. It was the best of what the internet could be.

This board has always been a great site for help on just about every topic. It was a good distraction for me when I was blindsided by a sudden health issue. I know it was a good distraction for others as well.

It’s funny how people you don’t know can come together as ‘friends’ on an anonymous message board.

I’ll miss hearing about-
-Fairgambit Enterprise’s latest bargain
- Glov showing his great love for Duke and Notre Dame
- The yearly Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia pot shots generally coming from the Pens vs Flyers posts
-ChiTown’s contributions with his twitterverse contacts.
- Learning about people’s experiences and recommendations from their trips to just about every major city in the world
- How posters from Minnesota, Cal, Rutgers, Auburn etc are welcomed posters here (after a bit of hazing first ;)).
- And, of course, all the Penn State talk from football to basketball, hockey, wrestling, etc.

Best of all, I really liked how this board would contain some very clever responses and could bring out the humor in just about any topic.

I hope this board survives in some form and the rumors of its demise are not true.
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Jun 24, 2011
I was on Pennlive until it just up and shut down. I don’t follow PSU as closely since I’ve got kids, but I still drop in here once in a while. In general, message boards are going away. I can’t find a good active Phillies board anymore. I was on the MLB one for years until they shut down. Then I tried one that let politics infect everything. Now I’m on one that is not very active. It’s kind of sad. Everything is on a platform like Facebook or Twitter anymore. The one board I belong to has seen the average age of its members increase over the years. It’s unusual to see younger folks on it.