There’s a direct connection between Biden’s corruption with China and the current Afghanistan situation


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Apr 9, 2014
All of these illogical decisions by the biden admin lately make perfect sense when viewed through the lens mentioned in the thread title.

  • BHR was formed when Bohai Capital (a Chinese-government-linked firm) merged with Rosemont Seneca Partners (company formed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz (John Kerry’s stepson)).
  • Hunter Biden currently has 10% stake in BHR.
  • CATL is one of the companies in BHR portfolio.
  • CATL is the “world’s largest maker of electric vehicle batteries”.
So how does this relate to Afghanistan? This August 28, 2021 article from Forbes provides us with the answer:

You read that correctly. Before the dust even settled over Afghanistan from Biden’s botched withdrawal, China was already in talks with the Taliban attempting to get their hands on those rare earth elements.

The Biden family is set to personally benefit from China gaining access to Afghanistan’s rare earth elements, and I think the timeline can serve as circumstantial evidence. On July 6, 2021, an article was published in the AP titled
“US left Afghan airfield at night, didn’t tell new commander.” Keep the title of that article in mind-- the US left Afghanistan without telling the Afghan commander.

So that screenshot above points out that “The U.S. announced Friday that it had completely vacated its biggest airfield in the country.” The “Friday” they are referring to was on July 2nd, 2021; just 4 days following the announcement of the deal between CATL and Tesla which was
reported on June 28, 2021.