The very best of Penn State. Michael P Murphy, Navy Seal.


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Jan 26, 2013
Today, the Michael P Murphy Navy Seal Museum opened in West Sayville, NY.
He is the very best of We Are.
As a PSU NROTC midshipman, my son attended a couple of the Michael P. Murphy Award dinners. The first one he attended, he was running late and arrived to find the only remaining seat at a table with the Murphy family. The only meal the staff had left was a vegetarian plate, which he would have graciously eaten, and not said a word. However, Murphy's family would have none of it, and began cutting pieces of chicken and steak off of their own plates and passing to him. He tried to decline, but they persisted, and he ate well. And, he capped the night off, when he stood up and turned around, to come face to face with Sue Paterno, who agreed to have her picture taken with him.

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