The Russian Ruble has more than doubled


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May 29, 2001
The Russian Ruble has more than doubled from its low after invading Ukraine and now sits at its highest value since Joe Biden took office in the White House. Thanks, Brandon.



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Apr 9, 2014
Anyone with a brain saw this coming a mile away. All the sanctions did was hurt the west and pushed Russia closer to a traditional rival of theirs, China. Brilliant! The EU needs Russia WAY more than Russia needs the EU (b/c if need be Russia can be largely self sufficient re: energy, etc.). These sanctions gave Russia the impetus to tie their currency to gold and also their energy exports to rubles/gold. It's almost as if they want to hurt everyday citizens....hmmmm
This ^^^ the sanctions are hurting the west more than Russia...especially the EU. If they keep the sanctions the EU is going to have a very rough ride this winter due to lack of gas/heating/etc. especially if the US doesn't start producing more energy products to ship over there to make up for the difference.

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