The Political Party That’s Built On Lies


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Aug 20, 2003
Democratic politicians love lying and democratic voters love being lied to. A match made in Heaven.

For decades the political left has called those on the political right fascists. Doing so is particularly de rigueur these days, with Joe Biden saying that Donald Trump supporters are semi-fascists, and then devoting an entire speech to trying to convince the nation that those who disagree with him and his party are threats to our republic. But it’s nothing more than another lie told to sustain the Democratic Party’s campaign to occupy America.

Democrats have been calling their political opponents fascists since at least 1948, when Harry Truman said a Republican election win would pose a fascistic threat to America, and be even more dangerous than communism.

Labeling Republicans as fascists is of course as absurd today as it was then. Fascists want to empower the state, trap a people within its confines, strip them of their individuality, and eliminate dissent. This describes the Democratic Party far more accurately than the Republican Party (which has rarely done enough to stop the Democrats’ assault on the Constitution, our institutions, and civilization in general).

The Democrats’ tower of lies has been constructed with the help of the media, which outside of a few exceptions, are no longer objective, or even pretend to be, and are instead propagandists for the party they are loyal to. In just the last six years the media have perpetuated the stolen-by-Russia 2016 presidential election lie, the Stacey Abrams I’m-the-real-governor-of-Georgia lie, and the lie that the incriminating information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

The press also lies about policies, casting Democrats’ ideas in the best light possible, the Republicans’ policies in the worst. A recent and especially egregious example: Both the Democrats and the media have been calling Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law the Don’t Say Gay Bill, a gross and intentional mischaracterization intended to vilify and poison.

Rather than promote freedom and prosperity, Democrats’ policies enslave and impoverish middle and lower America while at the same time prop up the leftist ruling class and its cronies. But no one would know this by listening to the media and their handlers in the party.

Remember the Green New Deal? It was passed off as an effort to save the planet from overheating, but it was designed as a wealth redistribution scheme. More recently, the Inflation Reduction Act, passed along party lines, will not reduce inflation, as its name implies, but it does enact provisions of the Green New Deal that would not otherwise have made it through Congress.

This is nothing new. President Barack Obama lied about Obamacare, one of the most far-reaching pieces of legislation to ever become law.
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