the last "easy company" band-of-brothers passes away

Little J

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Sep 17, 2001
I'm two generations removed from the WWII 'greatest' generation. My kids are three and while they know the history, I'm afraid that they can't put it all together. It is hard enough for me and I grew up with grandparents, relatives, and neighbors who experienced the great war. We get lost in our own moments and our own today issues and the past seems to dissolve.

Thankfully techology has preserved interviews and documentaries of the expereinces and the soldiers, our country, the world went through. The human element and the raw reality of what these young men experienced is surreal to me. Hearing we have lost the last of Band of Brothers member or the last Medal of Honor recipient from WWII (Woody Williams) is just so sad. May they all rest in peace and may we never forget them.