The Economic Balloon That May Finally End Progressive Leftism


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Nov 9, 2001
Lewisville, NC
The energy policies of progressives and leftists are aimed at cutting fossil fuel use and driving us to alternative sources. Even if we believe there are viable solutions, that transition will take decades. In the meantime, people must drive to work, and trucks still need to stock grocery stores. Interim replacement energy must come from somewhere, so shortages merely increase prices for no good reason, except perhaps to punish us.

The climate movement, which most sane people understand has little to do with the climate but is, instead, just one of the progressive tools aimed at damaging Western economies, is extremely deleterious. John Kerry demonstrated this in an interview last Friday with BBC Arabic when he bemoaned “I hope President Putin will help us with respect to what we need to do to stay on track with the climate.”

In the middle of a freaking war, Kerry can only keep speaking the fool by appealing to the one player who couldn’t care less about the climate. This from an elitist who flies private jets to climate conferences.

The simplest solution is to reopen the drilling permits and the Keystone Pipeline and to let American industry solve it. Leftists cannot allow that.

In the end, Biden’s policies mean Americans are actually funding Putin’s Ukraine invasion. Imagine that! And we are being asked to take one in the shorts in solidarity. Thanks, Big Guy! The people are now awakened because you and your progressive buds have jumped the shark. The next sound you hear may be the popping of a balloon.

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