So now we know why Joe Biden is pushing for 100% EVs by 2030: Cobalt mining. (link)


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May 29, 2001
For that kind of money you'd think he'd be able to build that wall around his beach house using his own money instead of ours.

In 2016, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden with several Chinese partners was cut into a complex $3.8 billion transaction that transferred 80 percent of Congo’s Tenke Fungurum mine from an American company to Beijing-backed China Molybdenum.

President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s father, was the sitting vice president when the deal was struck.

Ok, so we are to believe Joe Biden didn't know about Hunter's business dealings when he flew Air Force Two to China with Hunter on board. The Biden administration doesn't think you're dumb. They know you are dumb... and compliant. Moreover, it turns out Hunter's Burisma Deal is only the tip of the iceberg...

Judicial Watch announced it received records from the U.S. Secret Service showing that, for the first five and a half years of the Obama administration, Hunter Biden traveled extensively while receiving a Secret Service protective detail. During the time period of the records provided, Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, took 411 separate domestic and international flights, including to 29 different foreign countries. He visited China five times.

According to reports, Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden flew on Air Force Two for the official trip to Beijing in December 2013. The records obtained by Judicial Watch from the Secret Service show Hunter Biden arrived in Tokyo on December 2, 2013 and departed for Beijing two days later. While it is typical for the families of the president and vice president to travel with them, questions have been raised about whether Hunter Biden used the government trip to further his business interests.

NBC reporter Josh Lederman, who was one of four reporters on the December 2013 trip, noted in an October 2, 2019 report that, “What wasn’t known then was that as he accompanied his father to China, Hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund that associates said at the time was planning to raise big money, including from China.”

China's tentacles reach deep into Biden's business dealings. That's why I believe we don't boycott the Beijing Winter games, and why Biden hands over Taiwan soon after the games are over. It's all part of the deal. Everything else is diplomatic grandstanding. We can only hope our military family members don't become sacrificial lambs because if they do, then Biden will be checking his watch again as their remains are received at Dover AFB. We are expendable to Biden. We are but cannon fodder.

Thank you.

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