SCOTUS deciding major case involving public sector unions


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Oct 7, 2008

Could be the first step in limiting the power of the public sector unions, particularly teachers' unions. Looks like they won't be able to collect dues from those who decline to join. I wonder how many will opt out.....LOL These unions are far worse than the private sector unions......the people need to regain control of their public sector work forces...

If this is sucessful and if they can do the same with the Federal system and reform the civil service rules altogether, the nation will really benefit....
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Aug 25, 2004
I agree. Unions are not much of a factor anymore in the private sector because they don't add significant value. The owners of the company provide a check and balance to limit what the unions can do. In the public sector there is little check and balance. Political hacks in charge allow the unions ample range to control the work rules, etc. It's BS and needs to change. The VA is a classic example......little to nothing has changed because the union won't allow it.