Run Hide Fight, Daily Wire active shooter drama / action movie

bourbon n blues

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Nov 20, 2019

It was very well done in certain ways. I think they showed the problems when this goes down without giving future crazies too many ideas or maybe a playbook on how to do this. You'll see distraction of first responders, planning, and a scene that illustrates my second rule of life. You're not that F ing special. One of the shooters was stopped and shackled and the hero asked him why or he volunteered that.
The person talked about how in sixth grade he had his pants pulled down in gym class and they also got his drawers and talked about how he was made fun of for 6 years. She countered with did you ever think they might not have been laughing behind your back but laughing at something between them? It appears so many of the4se kids build up drama in their heads that doesn't even exist in anyone else's minds. Of course it might be harder to take that you're not even noticed, just invisible rather than a target of bullying.