Republicans learn the benefits of moving away from gas/oil…


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Oct 15, 2017
Wait…wait…wait….I thought fossil fuels were the devil.

And why can’t we just drill and refine our own oil domestically? We don’t have to rely on imported oil, but the feckless wonder in the White House would have none of that energy independence talk. He has the bartender advising him on energy policy, after all!
We certainly can and do produce oil domestically but countries like Saudi Arabia can produce oil cheaper than we can.
Because the price of oil is set by world makers, as long as we consume oil, we will likely be consuming foreign oil.
So the only way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is to reduce our demand for oil overall.
The break even point for domestic producers is about $45 per barrel, in SA it's $9 or $10 per barrel.
So as long as oil stays above $45 per barrel our domestic producers can make a profit. But the Saudi's are also making a profit.
At $40 per barrel our domestic producers are no longer pumping oil because they would lose money if they did, but the Saudis are still making a profit and selling us oil.
So as long as we are using oil it is likely we will be using at least some foreign oil.

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