Republicans (and Fox News) embrace Deep State on Ukraine


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May 29, 2001
Excellent piece linked below, harkening back to a point I was recently making to Spin about what I call the War Party.

Republican lawmakers are enthusiastic members of that bipartisan enterprise and so is Fox News, despite what you may have heard. (The reviled Tucker Carlson is strictly an outlier on the network.)

Of course all this flies in the face of one of the big reasons for Trump's popularity in 2016: he departed from Regime orthodoxy by rejecting the notion of America as armed global crusader.

But oh boy...the crusade is back on, baby.

I love the battered-spouse analogy in this excerpt:

>>It is one thing to see the Democrats eagerly join the CIA, State Department, and Pentagon in demanding the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. That alignment makes perfect sense politically—why wouldn’t the left align with the same national security state that embraces all of its values, and which has repurposed itself to target the left’s domestic political enemies on the right?

Seeing lawmakers on the right take the same stance, though, is both puzzling and pathetic. The relationship between the national security state and most GOP lawmakers and pundits increasingly resembles the relationship between an abusive husband and his battered spouse. Like a wife who believes her husband still loves her even as he sends her to the hospital, the same lawmakers and Fox News figures who claim to have embraced the Trump realignment are yet again letting themselves get played by a Regime that hates them.

Sure, it’s not nice when the Regime drinks too much and suddenly labels us all domestic terrorists, but patriotism requires that we unthinkingly serve this same regime when it wants to endanger American lives for another misadventure thousands of miles from our shores.<<


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