Basketball Report: Former PSU Hoops HC Pat Chambers leading candidate for Florida Gulf Coast job


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Oct 12, 2014
Look at the squad that Pat was working with (remember that DJ was sitting out due to the old xfer rules)...tough to say he did a "horrible job" getting 12 wins out of them against the 21st toughest schedule in the country...

In our last 5 games, our most frequent depth chart was:

Tim Frazier
Nick Colella
Jermaine Marshall
Jonathan Graham (Freshman)
Ross Travis (Freshman)

off the bench:
Trey Lewis (Freshman)
Matt Glover
Cam Woodyard
Sasa Borovnjak
injured - Billy Oliver

We had guys like White and Cornwall struggling for minutes after being impact players at other programs. They would have been starting on that team. Guys like Nick Colella and Matt Glover wouldn't have seen any meaningful time this year. If we drew sides from all of the available players from both teams, you could argue that a junior Tim Frazer would be the 1st pick, but I'd say that about 2 thru 6 or 7 would be on this year's team (Harrar, Pickett, Sessoms, Lundy, Lee, and possibly likely Dread).

I'm a huge Shrewsberry, but not sure why we'd rewrite history to claim that Pat was playing with a full deck when he got here. He had a lot of work to do with that roster (though not quite as dire as when Ed got here).

I stand corrected. Forgot that Newbill had to sit out.

I'll just say that Shrewsberry got 7 wins plus two wins in the tournament in year 1. The three guys before him, combined, did not get 9 conference wins very many times. And other than Dunn none of them came close to anything decent in year 1


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Jan 2, 2017
I wonder if Sam Sessoms will be joining Pat in Florida now that he has entered the portal.


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Aug 29, 2001
He’s the starting SG on the #1 team in the country
After spending this past season as a volunteer assistant at LaSalle, former Penn State head coach Pat Chambers is reportedly in good position to grab his next head-coaching gig. ESPN's Jeff Borzello reported yesterday that Chambers is a "primary candidate" at Florida Gulf Coast.

Chambers resigned from his post as Penn State's head coach in October 2020. The university had launched an internal investigation regarding him and his program after he had admitted to referncing a "noose" around former guard Rasir Bolton's neck. Bolton later transferred to Iowa State, citing the exchange.
Per Naples Newspaper, 5 years at $350K per year


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Sep 19, 2001
I am thankful for what Pat was building here, but he left after a 6 month investigation into his behavior including the noose comment. He had a bad temper and blew up regularly at players, coaches, refs, academic staff, support staff and AD staff. He alienated everyone outside of the team. Most of the players did love him which is why they were upset and many transferred. Players felt the AD lied to them about the investigation but what is the AD going to say prior to the end of the investigation? I wish him good luck at FGCU.