PSU vs. USC Rosebowl Complete Mismatch........

PSU Soupy

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Aug 3, 2008
Just the way that they moved.....the overall was a physical mismatch. The Southern Cal Cheerleaders were heads and shoulders (and other things) above the PSU Cheer Team.

Football wise very exciting/evenly matched teams.

Looking forward to the off the field mismatch......and good football games. Welcome USC and UCLA.................. looking forward to having PSU wrestle startup UCLA........



87 Penn St8

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Feb 11, 2009
Chester County, PA
Many moons ago my wife and I attended the 1993 USC vs. PSU game at Beaver Stadium. Our seats were in the old visitor section and we sat next to a nice USC alum who drove up from DC. State won by a point but really should've won by more...we passed John Robinson on the concourse shortly after the game and were surprised at how calm he appeared to be.

BUT the most memorable thing was when my new bride was using the binoculars to watch the USC cheer team...and the gave them to me and said "go ahead...check them out...they are unbelievable!" And the old USC alum just smiled 😃

Hugh Laurie

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Mar 26, 2017

USC aka the University of Stupid Cheerleaders. Here's one Song Girl cheering a Texas TD as she gets annoying WTF stares from a couple of her colleagues.

Purportedly this is a pic of her up close and personal. When it comes to USC cheerleaders, I'll take Hollywood form over substance every day of the week. ;) :cool:

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