PSU to announce new president on Thursday


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Oct 13, 2021
Whoever it is, it's sure to be calculated to aggravate the maximum number of alumni.


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Jul 8, 2001
State College, Pa
Yikes.... Surprised? She checks many boxes including making Louisville, in her words, the nation’s “premier antiracist university”. Can't wait to see her out raising money.

"Bendapudi is the first non-white president of the University and is noted for her attention to developing a culture of openness."

In today's Louisville paper regarding some current issues on campus where she isn't as transparent as she promised to be:

So much for the high-minded promise Dr. Bendapudi made upon taking office, as quoted in The Louisville Cardinal on Aug. 21, 2018: “I hope to set the tone that we have to be transparent,” she said. “If I’m the only one that knows what’s going on, if I’m the only one that holds the cards, if we have not shared information with people, you get bad decisions faster. To get good decisions, you’ve really got to share with people, so then they can bring their wisdom. In my mind, it’s a great way to enhance accountability, and provide better solutions.”

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Nov 27, 2012
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PSU plane headed to Louisville this morning.

If it's the Louisville president, it seems like the "perfect" academia hire for PSU.

Happy to rip names off buildings (Papa John's guy), accused of opacity (, and is all in on wokeness (
According to second article you linked she has criticized BLM and the defund police movement. Seems she is less radical then many are these days. Certainly willing to give her a shot.
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May 29, 2001
One thing this will show is that no matter who the BOT hires people will have a problem with them. Secondly it will also show that all the sudden there 100s of experts who know how to hire university presidents on the forum.