PSA: My used car selling experience


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May 29, 2001
I recently sold an 2012 Acura MDX having 63,517 miles. Trim level is SHAWD w/ Technology package. Car is in excellent condition with impeccable maintenance records. FYI, I've sold three cars myself on Auto Trader but as I've gotten get older I don't want the hassle of dealing with buyers. So I opted to try the three major car buying services: Carmax, Vroom and Carvana. The offers were $14,100, $15,353 and $17,239 respectively.

I went with Carvana, of course. The whole process was surprisingly painless. You schedule a pickup. They arrive, you sign a few forms, they hand you a check and away it goes. In contrast, Carmax sends an offer via email and wants you to visit their local dealership. Vroom's offer is contingent. They take your car and send you a check a few days later.

According to used cars for sale in my area I got to within $1,500 of a private party transaction price, so it was definitely worth it. Never trade-in your car at a dealership. I would've been lucky to get $11,000. So that it appears these car-buyer services have filled a much needed market niche.

On the other hand, should you own a collectible such as this guy you'll want to sell it yourself.

Thank you.
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