Football Penn State set to take on Arkansas in the Outback Bowl


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May 11, 2006
Like when we were beating the #2 team in the country until 2 DBs ran into each other? Or when we dropped a sure INT that would have sealed a win? Or like how we lost 2-3 games because we didn't have a backup QB ready to play? Are you talking about those kind of things?
Or like running at the best DE in college football on 4th down to end the game when your QB already had 175 yards rushing. Or on 4th and 2 we throw a 15-20 yard go route to a WR who had "2 catches" all season. Mind boggling. How about a TE over the middle that all other teams seem to have work for them!


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Apr 5, 2011
Pa and Fl
The Outback knows whose fans travel and spend. Not 125 trash collecting moochers from Pitt who have to save for years to drive to Pymatuning to watch the ducks walk on fishes backs. Then it's a $1.99 dinner of ham-cab-pot and the ride home.
Is that the way you spend your days off Joe ? You have that down to the minute.