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May 20, 2021
Willie’s top 100 sophomore list in the country. PA kids are all through it. Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley University leads with four in the top 100, followed by Faith Academy College with 3 . (Rumor a few more on the list might end up there before the school year)
M2 has the most for any club. Is M2 now the premier club in the state or top five in the country? Bouzakis TBD- really to be determined? Will he end up at Faith or Becca? Why is everyone leaving SEM?

Our Dalton Perry is the highest PA wrestler at #8. Botero (Faith) #10 and Austin Johnson(M2) #11. Shaw (Quest) 15, Gaj (Redhawk) 16 and Desmond (Becca) 18.
21 Rath (Becca)
23 Evanitsky
29 Sipes (M2)
31 Muterilli (MP)
42 Seidel (LAW)
57 Milheim (M2)
65 Willochell (Quest)
66 Sement
67 Stein (Faith)
77 Campbell (Becca)
88 Cunningham (M2)
89 Suglkaski (Faith)
99 Scanlan (Becca)
No Mcort, NDGP or Nazareth on this list. They better start their campaigns sooner.
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