Overall thoughts on NIL?

Richard Schnyderite

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Mar 21, 2016
South Amboy, NJ
Wanted to get your guys overall thoughts on NIL? Especially after the two big storylines down below.

Jordan Addison leaving Pitt, likely for a payday from USC.

BC wide receiver Zay Flowers turned down $600 from another school.



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Jan 19, 2002
College football is already dead. People were already cheating, now everyone is on the same playing field at least.


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May 29, 2001
NIL, as was intended, is fine. I have no issues with players getting their share of merch with their name on it, and using their name to find their own sponsorships and endorsements.

What we have currently isn't NIL, and needs to be addressed ASAP. Boosters and programs are using NIL as a smoke screen for pay for play, illegal recruiting, and roster/transfer tampering.

The challenge is that enforcing the latter is nearly impossible while also allowing the former. Programs exploiting these loopholes was an obvious outcome and is a big reason why so many people opposed NIL in the first place.

Wallace Breen

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Mar 11, 2016
College football is dead. I am very happy that I took the opportunity to hit a bunch of Penn State road games last year and will knock out a couple this year. By 2024, I doubt I'll care.
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Mile High Lion

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Sep 3, 2001
For me it is kind of the final nail in the coffin. To support any sports team you need to feel a connection. I supported Penn State football because I supported the university and I like college football not just because it is exciting to watch but because I support higher education. I believe in the idea of a quality affordable college education for those who have the interest and ability to succeed. Those are my values. So when I watch and root for Penn state I feel like I am supporting the school and higher education in general. Now I wasn't born yesterday. College football isn't all that but the fact is the world isn't black and white. it's not that simple and there many shades of grey. Lots of people have received athletic scholarships and attended schools where they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity. I know several people who were D1 athletes on scholarship in football, basketball, baseball and women's volleyball. Most of them got great educations and graduated to move on and do great things with their lives. And then there was one who did not because he was never much of a student and from day one both he and his father never saw college basketball as anything other than a stepping stone to the NBA. He never played pro ball but you can't say he didn't have an opportunity at both basketball and getting an education.

So anyways, now the world has changed. I'm not going to judge whether it is better or worse, only different. Nothing lasts forever and you have to adjust as the world changes around you. However, to the extent that the players don't have much connection to Penn State since they can transfer at will and college football doesn't have much to do with education anymore I'm not feeling that connection like I used to. So my interest has declined but it's okay. College football will continue in some form and I'll be fine too.

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