OT: Serious questions....


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Aug 24, 2001
The corner table at the Skellar
Anyone ever use an indoor grill (the one on your stove) for grilling steaks? I usually use my cast iron skillet, because I want to put it in the oven for a bit after getting a nice sear on each side. If so, do you prefer the grilling method vs. the cast iron skillet?

Also, i have recently become fond of garlic oil - cutting up raw garlic and then frying it in olive oil - use this for making pasta aglio. Does anyone try this method with steaks? I know you can, at some restaurants, get garlic butter as a topping. Has anyone ever cooked up a steak in an iron skillet using garlic butter? I am concerned about the smokiness in the house.

(In deference to a separate thread, I used the OT).


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