OT for history buffs; New website traces interactions of the great English minds of the 1500-1700 ti

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Nov 27, 2012
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The site called the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon traces the interactions and relations of some 13000 people during a critical time of the development of western civilization. It is based on the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography which has over 62 million words tracing all the key people of those times. It helps explain how people knew each other and how much of their thinking and thought processes developed. The site is a Wiki-type crowd sourced site that will constantly evolve as more is learned and added. Created by Carnegie Mellon and Georgetown.

This link explains it better

History is much more than a series of events like we had to memorize in Jr high. It is often driven by relationships, revenge, lust, greed, power, and much more. Watching shows like James Burkes' Connections or The History Channel's 'Men Who Made America' highlights how much history is driven by personalities.

This Link has a video showing how it works

Can't wait for someone to develop a similar site for early US history. I nominate Tom McAndrew.....