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May 29, 2001
you don't see much these days about national security. Normally the topic only makes the news when folks like Elizabeth Warren or members of the squad want to cut defense spending.
But, there's a couple of interesting, if not disturbing, things happening in that arena.
First of all...Russia in the Ukraine....we're passing on quite a bit of our inventory to the ukranians in somewhat of a piecemeal fashion. I have not seen any mention of a supplemental budget appropriation to "re-buy" that equipment. Next, China appears to be getting a little more belligerent/aggressive in their dealings with the US. First, they built those islands in the S china sea, are "testing" air defenses in Taiwan with their overflights, and are becoming a little more "demanding" in their dealings with their local asian neighbors. It is kind of telling that Chair of the Joint Chiefs Milley is publicly highlighting this aggression during his visit to Asia. Of course the also are now becoming a little more "in you face" about US weapon sales to Taiwan as well as toward US elected officials visiting Taiwan.
Now add in that the Army is not going to make it's recruiting quota this year. They are already saying that they will be 10,000 soldiers short in the ranks. Of course, at the same time there is still ongoing discussion about terminating the service of active duty and reserve soldiers who have not been vaccinated. I don't know how many active s there are, but a story yesterday indicated that there are about 60,000 reservists in that category.
In addition to the soldier shortage, the head of Army recruiting recently stated that only 23% of the service aged youth in this country can pass the physical/mental standards required for enlistment.
And finally, as the service has gone "woke" during the biden admin, it's yet to be seen how the force will hold up when called to fight.

Interesting times!!!!!
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May 29, 2001
Just talked to a recently retired army vet. He said the young people entering the military now are not the people we want to defend this country. It is the reason he retired. We are too woke and he wonders if these kids will even enter a warzone if need be.

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