My Democratic abuelos raised me. Here's why I'm now a Republican running for Congress.


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Aug 20, 2003
Goes to show you that some in the cult can LEARN.... Imagine @NJPSU learning? lmfao..

Democrats have abandoned my family's values​

My abuelos were staunch Democrats. They believed in the values of hard work, family and self-determination. That’s how I was raised. But the current Democratic Party has left those values that are so important to our community. I adopted the values my abuelos treasured so deeply. While the Democratic Party has left these values, the Republican Party continues to embody them.

This is why we are seeing a Hispanic exodus from the party of higher inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, baby formula shortages, unanswered crime waves and economic stagnation. In addition, this administration is working with dictators from Iran and Venezuela to obtain energy when we are able to produce oil and gas here in the United States, including in New Mexico. The Biden administration is setting us back.