Musk Offer Proves How Elites Are Terrified of Free Speech


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Aug 20, 2003
In defense of Elon Musk – and free speech on Twitter

Elon Musk.... A "clear and present danger" to the woke libtard echo chamber...............

A year after being named Time magazine’s person of the year, Elon Musk is attempting to acquire Twitter.

To listen to Musk’s critics, you’d believe it’s an act almost on par with Hitler invading Poland not long after being named Time’s man of the year in 1938.

A writer for the left-wing website Salon worried that a Musk takeover of Twitter would enable fascism in America. A New York University journalism professor lamented that posting on Twitter with the threat of Musk looming feels like partying at a Berlin nightclub “at the twilight of Weimar Germany.” Former Labor secretary Robert Reich warned, “This is what oligarchy looks like.” And so on.

A report for the news site Axios compared Musk to “a movie super-villain,” and related — accurately — that journalists who break news and opine on Twitter “really don’t want to be working in Elon Musk’s private playpen.”

No, they much prefer to be working in a playpen whose ever-shifting rules — constantly changing to keep up with the latest progressive priorities — are written by the kind of people who thought the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop should have been suppressed.

In their eyes, Elon Musk is guilty of a thought crime — namely, believing that thought should be free, and should be freely expressed on a social media platform with outsize influence on the nation’s public life.

Not too long ago, this would have been considered a core American belief, especially welcome to journalists whose work depends on the First Amendment. That was before content moderation, weaponized against one side of the political spectrum, supposedly became the thin line protecting American democracy from the onset of misinformation-driven dictatorship.

Who knew that so much could depend on policing what pronouns apply to trans people or cracking down on users who believed in the lab-leak theory early in the pandemic?

Musk presents a clear and present danger to the use of Twitter as a one-sided instrument to impose progressive rules on the public debate.