More bad news for Biden: More Americans are blaming him for the state of the economy


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Aug 20, 2003
Even CNN admits it. Will cultists like @NJPSU admit it? lol...

Take a look at our latest CNN poll conducted by SSRS. The No. 1 issue is the economy, and nothing else is even close. Half of all respondents (50%) said it was the most important issue. The next closest was the war between Russia and Ukraine at 14%.

An examination of the inner workings of the poll reveals just how universal feelings about the economy are. It's the top issue for every single one of the over 20 demographic and political groups we report out in our crosstabs. It's as important to White Americans (50%) as it is to people of color (49%). It matters as much to people age 45 and under (51%) as to those 45 and older (48%). The list goes on.

I look at polls for a living, and you rarely see that type of universal agreement across groups.
What makes this especially amazing is how rapidly this concern over the economy developed and how rapidly it's become more important to more Americans.

A year ago, 54% of Americans said the economy was good. Just 45% said it was bad.

Today, 23% say it is good, and a super majority of 77% believe it is bad. You'd have to go back a little over 10 years to find as many Americans saying the economy was in as bad shape.
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