Mask expert shares his abundant knowledge and experience. Spoiler alert: THEY DON'T WORK. But they DO CAUSE HARM


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Apr 9, 2014

TL;DR: masks have not ever been and cannot be an effective control for airborne virus control. Engineering controls (air filtration/circulation and destruction) have been the solution for 80 years with good reason.

Stephen Petty:

  1. Certified industrial hygienist;
  2. Certified safety professional;
  3. Professional engineer;
  4. 45 years in the field of health and safety, trying to protect workers and the public from toxins;
  5. Named/testified in over 400 legal cases related to exposure control and personal protective equipment (PPE);
talks us comprehensively through 50 years of evidence showing the ineffectiveness of masks in mitigating SARS-Cov-2, the COVID virus.

Podcast: Rumble, YouTube

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