LOL... Netflix shows woke snowflakes where the door is...


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Aug 20, 2003

Netflix Tells Employees to Stop Getting Triggered or Find a New Job​

For the first time in years, streaming giant Netflix has updated its corporate culture memo to include some new guidelines surrounding artistic expression that are sure to anger leftists within the company who think their fragile sensibilities ought to determine what the rest of the world is allowed to consume.

Specifically, the memo explains that because Netflix serves a diverse subscriber base, the select few who work on projects aren't allowed to let their own ideology deprive others of the opportunity to enjoy it. And it all seems to be in response to the continued dust-up over the woke's typical unhinged reaction to comedy specials from the irreverent but hilarious Dave Chappelle.

As Variety reported of an update to the memo's "Artistic Expression" section, Netflix's position is a repudiation of the left's censor-happy ways:

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