Leftwing extremism is winning: Blue Dog Democrats facing decimation


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Aug 20, 2003
There is NO ROOM for moderates in today's democratic party.


Blue Dogs are at risk of becoming an endangered species on Capitol Hill.

Squeezed by an increasingly progressive party base, redistricting and a difficult election cycle, the moderate wing of the Democratic Party in the House could fall to its smallest number since its inception in the mid-1990s.

The fiscally conservative, pro-national security caucus within the Democratic Party boasted 54 members after the 2008 elections. Depending how some key races break this November, there could be as few as eight Blue Dogs in the next Congress.

Among the 19 Blue Dog Democrats on Capitol Hill now, two are not seeking reelection, one is running for governor, two were defeated in primaries, and six are vulnerable in the general election.

Blue Dog Democrats often hold the most competitive districts, so their struggle to win is a sign that the Democratic majority is in peril.
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