Kraft on Cael at Media Days


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Feb 24, 2019
"He's the GOAT. He can be here for as long as he wants. My thing with Cael, I don't know the specifics. He is signed up, which I am very happy about. I think there's as great as Cael is, there's things we have to do to continue to support him. He is special. That whole program is special. I'm no fool. I'm not getting in the way of what Cael wants to do, but I think there are pieces that we have to help him there. Look, the NIL space is not just a football thing. It's in every aspect of our organization, but I'm happy. I'm very happy that Cael is locked up with us. In fact, I was just going back and forth with him yesterday about some stuff. It's a big deal."


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Jul 27, 2012
@McScoreley right now:


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Jul 26, 2014
Kraft is off to a good start IMO. Actually speaks plainly and stands up for PSU.
Article in today's Wmspt paper where Kraft has been questioning the BIG about PSU football conference openers. They've consistently scheduled us on the road for the last 8 years on openers.

I have to think that he's going to hear Bo's reply from the BIG, " that's what we do" to PSU!😡

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