Journeymen, Collegiate Duals go on sale tomorrow

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May 29, 2001
Replying to myself.
I do have my Spooky Nook ticket. As I understand it this event starts at 5:30.

Sounds like an opportunity to meet up for lunch and beers. I met dwyoder from 247 at the Binghamton match a few years ago and sat behind @OldPAwrestler at the Stabler Arena vs Lehigh. It's fun introducing yourself to someone as, "Yes, I am double doofus". :)

What say you all? Do we start a new thread closer to 11/13?

Penn State Wrestling Club will have a bus trip to Spooky Nook/Journeyman Duals. See link to club website. Details for the trip will include wherever we are stopping to eat before the duals. You can meet a bunch of PSU fans there.

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